I love Reiki, along with Yoga I truly believe that it saved me from remaining the rest of my life in the hole that I had fallen into.

Reiki is an ancient system of healing that can maximise the bodies innate healing potential.  The word Reiki translates loosely to mean ‘universal life force energy’.  It is said to have been rediscovered by a Japanese man Dr Mikao Usui in the 19th Century. It may have originated in Tibet long before that, developed by the ancient seers using sounds and symbols.

Specific hand positions can be used on or above the body often starting at the head and working down through the body although this may not always be the case.

Reiki works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and can work rapidly on areas of the body that have been injured.  It can facilitate deep relaxation as it clears away stuck or stagnant energy.

It is wonderful for alleviating trauma and assists you in letting go of limiting beliefs, patterns of behaviour and negative attitudes. It can be received as a treatment on its own or incorporated into a Sound or Yoga 1-1.

In a 1-1 Reiki session you simply come & lie down on a massage table fully clothed, there will be music gently playing in the background and I will channel Reiki in to you through my hands and with the intention that the energy is flowing through me to you for your greatest and highest good.

Treatments available at The Clophill Centre and The Granary



Speeds up the body’s natural ability to repair and heal, improves sleep, reduces stress, induces a deep state of peace and tranquillity.


I visited Kanti for Reiki treatments following a period of serious illness.  Kanti’s treatments always carried out in a totally safe and loving environment helped me to let go of very negative emotions.  It was not always an easy process but Kanti was always there to offer support as needed.  As a result of these treatments I have been able to embrace the changes taking place in my life and view them in a more positive light JB