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Modern science now supports ancient cultural beliefs that all matter comes from vibration or sound. The entire Universe is a mass of vibrations as is the human body.

Yoga is a complete system that can bring balance & harmony to your body, mind, heart & spirit. Yoga provides you with the tools you need to move more effortlessly through life.

Reiki is an ancient system of healing that can maximise the bodies innate healing potential.  The word Reiki translates loosely to mean ‘universal life force energy’.



Having experienced the gong bath with Kanti for the first time I had no hesitation in rebooking for a second, third etc.. Not only do you leave feeling nourished and loved, Kanti makes the experience feel inclusive and completely nurturing!! I only wish I lived closer and could join her yoga classes also..

Rebecca Dunn


I have placed my heart and soul in Kanti's capable hands many times; she has enriched my life and provided me with peace through gongs, yoga and reiki. I enjoy every second in her presence....and I have never been to a class that hasn't included lots of laughs and fun .

Emma Bowman Smith


I was gifted two gong baths with Kanti when I was diagnosed with a serious illness. The sessions took me into a state of peace and relaxation I had lost. The effects helped me to feel better long after the sessions ended and restored my sleep. These were two magical hours.

Wendy Langford


Having experienced the amazing effects of a gong bath with Kanti I booked her to deliver a session to the staff at the school I work in. Following that session I was begged and pleaded with to get her back! Kanti has since been a regular visitor proving some well earned stress relief to a hard working team. I cannot begin to describe the benefits. If you have never experienced it have an open mind and give it a go.

Karen Roberts


I have experienced two of Kanti's gong baths and they are the most relaxing and wonderful experience. I had a fantastic week after the last one and I am sure it had something to do with how positive I felt after
the session.

Liz Goddard


The sound/gong sessions I have attended have been an amazing experience. Kanti delivers a thoroughly relaxing and calming gong bath leading you through different sounds and vibrations which flow through every cell in the body. I would recommend her sessions to anybody, she is a lovely, caring individual and you feel totally supported by her. Don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself!

Debra Ashurst


Sound baths are amazing at relaxing & putting you mentally back on track! Kanti cares about her clients with love & understanding, a patient Yoga teacher I feel safe in her hands.

Jayne Wharton


Kanti is a wonderful soul and full of spirit! It honestly feels like a blessing to be in her company. I have experienced Yoga and sound baths with her and will continue to do so. They bring so many positive benefits to my life. Thank you.

Nichola Feery


I go to Yoga classes with Kanti, and have had several gong baths now as well. One is never enough! I always come away after the gongs with a lifted & happy heart mind & soul.

Her Yoga class is just fab, Kanti mixes it up every week so there is never any chance of becoming bored by doing the same routine. She encourages you to move into postures that you didn't think you could ever do!

She radiates out what she puts in, and that shows in her classes!

Thank you!

Elaine Spirito


I highly recommend gong bath & healing sound sessions with Kanti. They are truly amazing and very effective at bringing you back into balance in mind, body and spirit. My husband does not share my spiritual interests for the most part, but he really looks forward to the gong baths with Kanti and feels the benefit afterwards. I particularly recommend one to one sessions which are very special.

Christina Cherry