'I've had a number of 1-1 and group sound sessions with Kanti and I've felt truly blessed by the experience every time. I could never have imagined healing working on such a deep, cellular level. Kanti carries out her treatments with gentleness and with a profound respect for the energies working through her, and I'm delighted to recommend her work.' - JB


'I found Kanti's work surprisingly profound, it helped shift some very old blocks. I thoroughly recommend it.' - RD


'Having suffered with extremely painful tendonitis for more than 6 months with no let up, I had 2 sound therapy sessions with Kanti and experienced one of the most profound healing sessions I have ever had. I no longer limp and have very little pain. I am totally convinced of the power of sound healing and strongly recommend this to anyone in pain. Kanti has an incredible gift'. - SP


'I really have to say a special thank you for yesterday. It had a profound impact on me. I felt so much better and feel that an hour has both energised and relaxed me. Thank you so much Kanti'. - WL