"I am so grateful to all of my teachers, students, family & friends who continually guide, love & support me For encouraging me when i doubted myself & enabling me to assist others in living more peaceful & harmonious lives...From my heart to yours.....Namaste"

Hello my name is Kanti and I am passionate about helping you to experience your essential nature.

I offer this possibility through Sound Baths, Yoga classes & Reiki sessions.

It is my aim to inspire and support you, especially through those transitional times in life which in turn can lead to transformation.


I have been attuned to Reiki energy since 1999 and it was the catalyst for my own healing (along with Yoga) and I knew that inevitably I would be sharing/teaching others (even though it scared me silly at the time!). I completed my Yoga TT in 2005 and my first Sound Healer training in 2006.


I love to create a warm, nurturing and supportive space – whether it’s for a group Sound Bath, a Yoga Class or a 1-1 session as I believe that through the many stresses and strains of 21st century living we sometimes lose the connection to the essential self…..through the sessions I offer you can reconnect, remember and experience peace, joy & stillness in your life.


I am a qualified & insured Sound Therapist, Gong Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner living in Bedfordshire.


I have a great love and connection for the Himalaya which I started visiting in 2010. I have been to Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan several times and I can tell you there is nothing quite like being right on the ‘Rooftop of the World’ for gaining fresh perspective on your life.  Being steeped in Buddhist and Hindu culture is also the place where I feel most at home and these experiences continue to inspire & inform my life and my work.





I am more than happy to travel to you to facilitate workshops, group sound baths etc. and often do so for Yoga organisations and Holistic groups.

I love collaborating with other teachers too so if you would like to offer your students a new experience then please get in touch. (The Sound Bath along with a Restorative or Yin Yoga session is truly delicious)

I have been working over the last two years in corporate and school environments too so if you feel your work place and colleagues could do with experiencing a lessening of stress & an increase in productivity then I would be delighted to bring the Sound bath experience to you.

I also offer small private Sound Baths in the comfort of your own home (If you have enough space) so you can share the experience with friends and family.